About the Firm

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For 38 years Linebarger Goggan has focused on government collections. The early decision to concentrate our energy and resources on delinquent tax collections in Texas led to successes that have elevated the firm from a “Texas firm” to the national stage. The firm is now a major player in public-sector collections, serving over 2,300 clients from offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Our Philosophy

Linebarger Goggan has a long history of working closely with our clients in developing programs that meet their specific needs. We believe that we can help them realize higher collections and improve their overall ability to manage the process and the information required for effective delinquent collections.

Communication between our attorneys and our clients is fundamental to implementing a successful strategy that accomplishes the desired result - enhanced collections. Our commitment to customer service and client feedback is critical to our operations. And, our policy is "firm but fair" when dealing with delinquent account holders in a respectful manner.

Professional Organizations

We are members of the American Collectors’ Association in several states, which also grants our law offices in those states membership in ACA International. We are corporate members of the National Association of Counties and a Platinum Partner with the U.S. Conference of Mayors. And, we actively participate in a multitude of other organizations throughout the country in order to support our clients and their various public interest and educational opportunities.

Client Benefits

Engaging Linebarger Goggan, a law firm offering advanced technologies and comprehensive collection programs and related legal services, offers several clear benefits to our clients:

As a law firm, we must adhere to the stringent ethical requirements promulagated by the Supreme Courts in every state in which we practice.

In addition to our collection services, we can also provide advice and counsel related to collection laws and regulations, as well as litigation and bankruptcy services. Legal enforcement through litigation adds additional credibility to the letters and phone calls debtors receive from our law firm.

Again, our collection programs are client-driven and tailor-made with an emphasis on quality assurance. We hire, train, and retain highly qualified individuals who understand the collection process and the laws and regulations governing those collections. Our technology and software are fully integrated with all aspects of our collection operations. They afford full security and confidentiality, while allowing us flexibility in designing customized collection solutions for our clients.