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Harris County Top Ten

Hoping to put a fine point on the need for Harris County property owners to keep current with their taxes, Tax Assessor Collector Mike Sullivan recently unveiled a list of the top non-payers in the county. With the support of the Linebarger team that works for Harris County, Sullivan highlighted the big offenders as a way to send a message to everyone.

He pointed out that while there is 98% compliance in the county, the two percent who don’t pay owe close to $340 million in delinquent taxes and he told reporters he’s serious about reducing the backlog. “Now is when we get tough. I’m going to recover every dollar possible, to protect the integrity of the tax rolls.”

The most egregiously late account on Sullivan’s list dates back to 1984, but there were extenuating circumstances, as the account had a disability deferral applied to it for a decade. This prohibited the county from foreclosing on the property. All of that has now been lifted and new litigation is being prepared.

“One property owner who was on the top ten list came in and paid $238,000 to clear up the account,” said Sullivan. “We want all of them to come forward and pay.”

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