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Homestead Exemption Audits

Linebarger Goggan’s full service homestead exemption audits help return taxable value to the tax rolls by discovering those exemptions that were obtained by intentional fraud, an honest mistake, or perhaps even a clerical error. Regardless of the reason, by making sure that everyone who has a homestead exemption is entitled to the same, our clients are in a better position to avoid unnecessary tax hikes and service reductions.  It is an effort that is not only hard to criticize, but that is expected by most everyone who is following the rules and paying their fair share of the tax burden.

Using a database loaded with trillions of records, combined with state-of-the-art data fusion and proprietary algorithms, we narrow the focus of the audit to only those accounts where there is information that calls into question a person’s qualifications for a homestead exemption. Linebarger Goggan then takes this condensed list of accounts and contacts only those property owners to determine whether they do indeed qualify for their homestead exemption. When our research indicates they may not qualify, that information and the supporting documentation we have gathered during the audit process is provided to our client for a final review and decision regarding the taxpayer’s eligibility.

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