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Dallas and NYC Offices Take Online Training

Linebarger’s Dallas and New York City offices recently participated in a virtual training with TalentSuite. The training focused on learning more about the “personality index” to become more self-aware about work personalities and build a more cohesive work environment.

“The training was focused on the Predictive Index Behavior Assessment. We learned how the profile provides us with information on how we make decisions, view risks, and respond to rules and regulations based on needs and motivators,” Dallas Area Manager Mardi Coston Jackson said. “The TalentSuite training was awesome, and I am excited to implement it here in the hiring process.”

This training’s primary focus is to create strong and productive teams by understanding your personal personality index along with your teams inĀ order to work together more effectively.

Linebarger is committed to building productive and talented teams to deliver the best possible services to our clients. By attending training courses such as the ones offed by TalentSuite, Linebarger staff continues to improve their exemplary services.