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A Final Word from Mexico




DFW Airport board member Henry Borbolla and Linebarger Dallas Managing Partner (and also Airport board member) Bridget Lopez in Mexico City.

Editor’s Note: As previously noted, Linebarger Dallas Managing Partner Bridget Lopez has spent the past several days in Mexico, on a trade mission, representing the DFW Airport Board of Directors. Her two previous dispatches are here and here. Upon her return, she posted the following:

I traveled back home today from Mexico City and it was good to be back in our great state and City. I had some time to reflect on what this trip meant for our City and future with Mexico and how we portray ourselves, the City and the US to the rest of the world. One theme that remained solid in my mind was simply this…”respect for all humanity.” The people of Mexico were so warm, friendly, giving and open to us. The Mexican people are great ambassadors to the rest of the world.

The mission trip was important because it underscores not only the strong economic relationship with Mexico but also the strong familial ties and friendships that are interwoven between us. I was honored to witness and participate in the delegation. I met so many incredible people in Mexico from all walks of life and enjoyed meeting new people in our delegation.

Dallas 5

From L to R: Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Monica Alonzo, Former United States Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza, Bridget Lopez.

We were proud of Mayor Rawlings and Mayor Price for (1) expressing DFW’s sincere gratitude to all those we met and visited with in Mexico (for our strong relationship and strengthening our economy) (2) reinforcing that we are more than neighbors we are Dallas1

From L to R: Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, DFW International Airport CEO Sean Donahue, Jorge Salas

brothers and sisters(3) we are open to continuing our strong partnerships and open for more possibilities with trade and best practices of all cities (4) Dallas/FW is a great place to live, visit and do business (5) that we have one of the BEST airports in the world, that serves as a wonderful modern gateway to visiting family, friends, a new destination, delivering goods and services and of course watching the Dallas Cowboys (Mexico’s fav).

Some of the takeaways that I thought might interest you are the following: Mexico has the 8th largest economy in the world (2) their economy is growing at a faster rate than the US currently (3) NAFTA is critical to the economy of Mexico and responsible for $19 trillion dollars of trade between the partner countries (4) 23 states in the US count Mexico as their #1 or #2 export market (5) US/Mexico trade in cars and their parts is $126 billion annually (one reason why we can buys cars less expensively)and (6) Mexico is the main export destination for Arizona, California and Texas.

Great mission trip and overall a huge success! We need to continue our work…‪#‎DFWMexico2016

Dallas2Members of the DFW Airport Board and representatives of Boston Consulting Group