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Houston Partner Educates Students on the Legal Consequences of Substance Abuse

Partner Derick Mendoza recently presented at Chancellor Elementary, an Alief ISD school in Houston, Texas, as part of the Houston Bar Association’s Interprofessional Drug Education Alliance (IDEA).

“We encourage students to ask questions and interact with the material,” said Mendoza. “We want to give students the knowledge to make informed and healthy decisions around alcohol and drug use. These decisions have the potential to affect the rest of their life.”

Mendoza, who is a co-chair for the IDEA committee, presented with Dr. Lilliana Rueda. The pair talked to students about both the physical and legal consequences of using drugs and alcohol. Mendoza focused on educating students about the legal ramifications of drug and alcohol use.

IDEA presentations are held twice a year, once in February and again in October during Red Ribbon Week. The organization brings both medical and law professionals together to educate 5th grade students in the Houston area on the consequences of substance abuse. Learn more about IDEA here.

Partner Derick Mendoza presents at Chancellor Elementary School.