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Literacy and Civic Engagement Unite

There are many ways to trigger young minds and inspire a deeper connection to literature. Just ask Philadelphia office Partner Pamela Harris-Williams who recently lent her legal experience to the eighth graders at Olney Elementary School in Jodi Fleishman’s class.

As a part of the literacy program sponsored by the Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement, literacy teachers from local schools bring in attorneys to lead students in a legal exercise using their current reading assignment. According to Pam, a certain plot point in the book is identified for court action; a legal strategy is developed; and, in Pam’s case, the attorney helps the students develop direct and cross-examination questions. This whole process eventually culminates in a mock trial.

“I do hope we get to work together again,” Rendell Center Curriculum Director Anne Spector wrote to Pam. “You change childrens’ lives…and for that I say HOORAY and THANK YOU.”