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A Requiem for Property Taxes

A Requiem for Property Taxes?

If you are interested in where the state of Texas is going with respect to property taxes, you should be following State Senator Paul Bettencourt’s Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief. Since January, that committee has held five hearings in five cities, each of which has been live-streamed to viewers across the state.

If you haven’t watched any of those hearings, but are interested in the testimony, the Committee staff has been posting recordings after each is held. Go to this page, where you can click on individual links for the hearings in Houston, Arlington, Lubbock, Harlingen, and San Antonio.

It is not clear if the committee will hold additional hearings. What is expected, however, is an interim report that will give a sense of the legislative direction Senator Bettencourt and his committee intend to take in 2017. Watch this space for updates.

Chris Young