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San Antonio Office Walks for Heart Health

The San Antonio office participated in the 2019 San Antonio Heart & Stroke Walk on Nov. 9 at Texas A&M San Antonio.

“We all enjoyed coming together for a great cause,” said Andrea Carreon. “Seeing the impact that we can have on our community is always inspiring.”

This annual walk helps raise money for the American Heart Association. Linebarger donated $5,023, and the walk raised a total of $843,180. This money will help heart disease and stroke prevention research. You can learn more about the American Heart Association here.

Attending the event from the San Antonio office were: Marcos Mancha, Angela Ellis, Baudi Cepeda, Mirada Sellers, Yvette Balderas, Courtney Collins, Lilia Gibson Andrea Carreon, Melinda Castillo, Leticia Crespin, Samantha Rosales, Josie Flores, Ori Sandoval, Laura Ibarra, Barbara Aguilar, and employee family members.

San Antonio staff at the 2019 San Antonio Heart & Stroke Walk.