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Take a Hike with El Paso

The El Paso office is “taking a hike” away from all their worries and the pandemic. The office has taken up the challenge of going on hikes in the hopes of reaching everyone’s fitness goals.

“We plan on doing more hikes to keep us on the right track for our wellness goals. We hope to inspire other offices to do the same. So, with that said, to summit all up, we had a great time!” Treasure Sundown, a Collector in the El Paso Office, said.

The El Paso staff have been on two hikes so far. The first trail they hiked was the Lost Dog Trail. The second was the Aztec Cave trail.

The El Paso staff preparing to hike the Lost Dog Tail. Pictured from left are: Alexus Aviles, Esther Alarcon, Elizabeth Martinez, Aisa Hamidan, Miriam Navarro, Treasure Sundown, Roger Licon Jr, Roger Licon, Susie Avila, Capital Partner Carmen Perez, Capital Partner Jose Padilla, Elisa Acosta, and David Flores.  


EL Paso staff and family on the Aztec Cave Trail. Pictured from left are:  Capital Partner Jose Padilla (grey hat), Treasure Sundown (orange), behind her is her son Kaevian, Alexus Aviles (gray shirt), Esther Alarcon (bright lime green sneakers) and taking the selfie is Alexus’s husband Danny Aviles.

El Paso staff hike along the Aztec Cave trail.

El Paso staff hike along the Lost Dog trail.