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Texas School District Gains More than $1 Million in State Aid from Property Value Studies and Appeals

In the handful of years since Sulphur Springs Independent School District (SSISD) first contracted with Linebarger for property value studies and appeals services, SSISD gained more than $1 million in state aid as a result of appealing the Texas Comptroller’s values. SSISD is located in northeast Texas and enrolled 4,392 students in the 2018-2019 school year.

“We have had a contract with Linebarger since 2013 and this is where they take the Comptroller’s values and look at what they are compared to the county’s,” SSISD Business Manager Sherry McGraw told KSST Radio. “When the Comptroller’s is a lot higher, they’ll just use that or appeal it for us. It’s always to our advantage to get it lowered.”

In 2018, the property value study resulted in a reduction of $29,404,109 from the Comptroller’s 2018 preliminary property value study estimate, according to Robby Harbuck, Director of Linebarger’s Property Value Department.

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