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Harmari STR partners with Linebarger Analytics & Information Services, LLC

Harmari STR recently partnered with Linebarger Analytics & Information Services, LLC (LAIS), to provide a superior short-term rental (STR) compliance product.

Many municipalities require STR owners to live on-site or only list their primary residence. These requirements typically center on quality-of-life and code enforcement concerns. However, COVID-19 has raised concerns around “home-grown” ownership, leading to enforcement questions.

The LAIS/Harmari compliance package incorporates a sophisticated data and research-driven process to determine primary residences, addressing the problem brought on by the pandemic.

The homestead exemption analysis (HEA), developed by LIAS, was created to meet the needs of property tax-administrators. LAIS has now repurposed this technology for use in STR compliance.

To learn more about this partnership, click here.