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Homestead Exemption Analysis

Linebarger’s full service homestead exemption analysis help return taxable value to the tax rolls by discovering exemptions that were obtained by intentional fraud, honest mistake, or clerical error. Regardless of the reason, by making sure that everyone who claims a homestead exemption is entitled to one, our clients are in a better position to avoid unnecessary tax hikes and service reductions.

Linebarger established a professional relationship with TransUnion, a leader in data analytics worldwide, to ensure our access to the premier level of external data sources for our homestead analysis service. Together, we designed a customized model for deploying TransUnion’s data capabilities to discover potentially invalid homestead exemptions.

Using state-of-the-art data fusion and proprietary algorithms, we narrow the focus of the analysis to only those accounts where there is sufficient evidence to investigate the validity of an existing exemption. Linebarger takes this condensed list of accounts and contacts only those property owners to seek additional information. When we determine there is a high probability that a particular exemption is invalid, we transmit that finding and supporting document to our client for a final determination.