Renee Linnabary

Director of Operations - Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor, WA

Ms. Linnabary oversees all operational activities, from personnel to collection management and customer relations, from Linebarger’s Gig Harbor, Washington office. She brings more than three decades of experience in public-sector collection management and customer service to the team and an in-depth knowledge of the collection’s process, managing contracts throughout the U.S.

A graduate of the University of Washington, she earned a bachelor of business administration in 1993. She joined Allied Credit Companies in 1994 and rose within the company through two corporate evolutions, departing in August 2016. While at AllianceOne, she oversaw the expansion of one of its business lines, the government services division, growing that business from $20 million in annual collections in 1994 to over $186 million in 2015.

Ms. Linnabary is an active member of the American Collectors Association International, Columbia Ultimate Users Group, Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology, National Association for Court Management, and the Washington Collectors Association. She recently received a 20-year membership award from the Washington Collectors Association.

Ms. Linnabary is dedicated to delivering exceptional client services and reliable revenue streams to our clients. She stays current on changing industry trends, best practices, technology, and regulations in this field through the Washington Collectors Association, American Collectors Association International (ACA International), National Association for Court Management, and Linebarger’s in-house continuing education program.