Linebarger Gives New Life to Computers Through Donation

March 14, 2024

Goodwill San Antonio has named Linebarger a Community Partner for the firm’s efforts in helping close the digital divide by donating hundreds of computers to public housing residents over the last seven years.

Linebarger’s Chief Technology Officer LeWayne Ballard, MBA has been building the partnership over the past seven years through continuous hardware and monetary donations.  The Information Technology Group (ITG), which provides the hardware and software knowledge to manage our clients’ accounts, donates personal computers, servers, monitors, printers, and other devices at the end of their life at the firm, in order to repurpose them for local San Antonio families. This month alone, Linebarger donated $500 in cash and more than $20,000 in refurbished computer equipment.

“Our mission is to serve our communities,” says Linebarger Management Committee Chair Clif Douglass. “Linebarger serves our public sector clients and actively looks for ways to assist with the most challenging problems facing our communities. This opportunity is a win-win.”

Goodwill San Antonio leads a digital inclusion program that connects families in need of technology to refurbished equipment. Their program cites that one in six households in San Antonio do not have a computer, limiting the opportunities available in our digital world. Goodwill San Antonio also connects recipients with training to learn digital skills.

“We love the fact that we can give this equipment a second life,” says Linebarger’s Chief Technology Officer LeWayne Ballard, MBA. “If our donation helps one student learn the skills they need to reach for a higher goal or funds their programs, then it will have made a difference that will impact all of our futures.  We support Goodwill’s mission of providing upward mobility.”