Linebarger Leader Encourages Unity, Collaboration in NALEO Keynote Address

October 04, 2023

Bridget Moreno Lopez, Managing Partner of Linebarger’s Dallas office, served as a keynote speaker at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ 40th Annual Conference in September.

The delegation met in Dallas to discuss important issues, such as new policy changes from the 88th Texas Legislature, cultivating a stronger workforce, and building a brighter future for North Texas.

Lopez closed out the day with an important message to help inspire NALEO members as they focus on representing their constituents and communities. Lopez highlighted the importance of unity among elected officials and encouraged the group to ensure meaningful communication across different the levels of government.

“There is nothing we can’t achieve if we work together across all levels,” said Lopez. “Our community of Latino elected officials are poised to achieve great things in their communities.”

Linebarger is among the most diverse national law firms and has long supported the mission and work of NALEO.

Bridget Lopez keynote NALEO conference